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By Launchbase

Combating Loneliness with Tech During Self-Isolation

A new app has surfaced to combat loneliness amongst individuals that are...

Mar 16 • 2min read
By Launchbase

Healthcare Apps That Are Keeping Us On The Wagon

As it is the beginning of a new decade, we felt that...

Mar 05 • 3min read
By Launchbase

The best of Microsoft Build 2016 – All about the Bots!

Yesterday was the annual Microsoft Build Developer keynote where the tech firm...

Mar 31 • 3min read
By Launchbase

Facebook Live for the Masses – Social Media platform embraces video

For many, Facebook Live will not be a new thing. The application,...

Apr 08 • 3min read
By Launchbase

The beginning of the business-specific smartphone?

The beauty of Google’s Android platform is that it is free. Not...

Apr 22 • 2min read
By Launchbase

Vi, The Latest Fitness Wearable

We’ve had fitness DVDs, apps and wearables, and soon we will have...

Jun 03 • 2min read