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As it is the beginning of a new decade, we felt that we should be making healthy choices in the office with the intent of improving our overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, as we are going into March, we cannot say that we have held up to our end of the bargain. We thought that now was good enough as any to kick-start our initiative to improve our health or get back into a routine and keep us on the wagon.

Our Launchbase team members have curated a selection of the best health apps that are currently out there that could support us to stay on track, stay healthy, and become more active this 2020. Maybe you can join us for the ride?

Couch to 5K

To get us off the couch, running is a great workout you can do just about anywhere. The problem we have is getting the Launchbase team to get the motivation to do it. The Couch to 5K app is a proven method, one that will take you from the sofa to running in a 5K in a matter of 9 weeks with no prior experience. The app allows you to track your progress and log your workout and log your routines via four motivation coaches that you can choose from. The motivational coaches will give you instructional cues alongside your music so it won’t disrupt your rhythm!


We feel like it is safe to say that we could all use a little nudge to stay on the right track when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, that is exactly what Nudge provides by allowing you to connect with your friends and challenge them. The app is conveniently integrated with all other health apps you may have on your device to generate an overall score for you based on your last 30 days of activity, which you can compare with your family and friends while working to improve your health. We find the manual logger is a great feature too.


One of the biggest challenges that comes with healthy eating is the challenge of eating out. Most restaurants serve meals for pleasure, not for the health benefits. HealthyOut helps you spot the better options on the menu and makes meal modification suggestions, so you won’t fill up on all the bad stuff. It lets you scour your local area for restaurants offering healthy plates, whether you’re looking for a meal that falls within a specific calorie range or one that adheres to your dietary restrictions


We have no problem grinding out a video game to get our character to the next level. What if you could treat your life like a character in World of Warcraft? That is exactly what the Fitocracy app brings to the table by helping improve yourself by completing tasks and earning experiences so you can ‘level up’ in real life. The app offers a host of workout routines and expert advice, along with a robust community of like-minded individuals to keep us motivated.


Cutting back on carbohydrates is a great way to improve your overall diet and, in turn, make us feel healthier. CarbsCounter takes care of deciphering how many carbohydrates are in each part of your meal and helps you monitor your intake by automatically logging your nutritional details and providing you with a quick way to setting a carb goal for every meal. Pre-set categories make logging in your daily Starbucks order makes it that much easier.


Drinking more water is rule number one when it comes to improving your overall health. The aptly-titled Waterlogged is designed to help you track of the amount of water you drink every day by using photographs or basic metrics. The premium version of the app also lets you view graphs of your recent progress and send you water reminders. Which reminds us…drink up.


Sometimes, we do not want to know the detailed nutritional facts of our desk lunches. But, what you put in your body requires more thought than what we probably give it. Since sometimes we do not want to do that thinking ourselves, ShopWell to do it on our behalf. You scan the items that you would normally buy at the grocery store and let the ShopWell store produce a list of healthier alternatives for you instead. The app incorporates your specific goals like lowering cholesterol and avoiding specific allergens. With the help of these apps it looks like the wheels of the wagon will continue to turn through 2020.



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