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We build Digital Products that solve problems

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At Launchbase, we're not just an agency; we're your strategic growth partner. Our unwavering commitment is to supercharge your business's success. Whether you're a dynamic startup or a thriving corporation, we excel at creating tailor-made digital solutions meticulously designed to conquer your specific challenges.

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Validate your ideas and go to market quickly.

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Adapt and grow your business

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Grow your business

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The leading global art exhibition platform

– Over 500k Users

Redefining the way we discover and engage with art. A platform for both art lovers and exhibitors.

Product Research • Product Design • App Development • iOS App • Android App

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Invest Better. Invest Rationally.

– Over $12 million raised in funding.

AI powered market insights to help you make better investment decisions. Fintech startup app design and development.

Market & Competitor Research • UX/UI Design • iOS App • App Development 

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AirBnB Meets Tinder

A global, social-driven app for like-minded travellers. Swap your home with other users for $1/night.

– Over $10 Million Raised in funding.

Product Research • Product Design • Full Stack Development • iOS App • Android App Product Research • Web app Development

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Our process

High Impact products and platforms

  • Validate the concept
  • Agile development sprints
  • Deliver value and ROI

For over 7 remarkable years, we’ve empowered clients to realize their digital dreams. Whether you’re a startup with a groundbreaking concept or an enterprise in need of cutting-edge solutions, we’re here to guide your journey.

Let’s get started by clarifying your vision:

🔍 What problem are you solving?
🎯 Why is this problem worth solving?
🚀 What are your short and long-term goals?
📈 How do you define success?

Through meticulous product discovery, we gather essential data to define your needs, goals, and expected outcomes. Developing outstanding apps and websites isn’t a magical feat; it’s about actively listening to your users, embracing iteration, and relentless testing and refinement. We champion agile workflows, ensuring development cycles stay short and open to change and experimentation.

Join the ranks of top companies that have conquered significant challenges with us. Are you ready to be next in line for digital success? Contact us now!


Companies we have built and help grow

They equaled my ambition to create something that would have a real impact on the real estate market.

Nick ChristoforouCEO at ZEUS

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This was a challenging project both in terms of complexity and time frame and you guys delivered handsomely!

Anders HallenChief Innovation Officer, Edelman

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They’re much more accessible than our previous service provider and that’s helped improve our overall development strategy.

Chris DingaHead of Product

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Launchbase have been exceptional! We are looking forward to continuing our great partnership.

London Village Network

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Launchbase have helped define, design and build our suite of apps which have ultimately transformed our business.

Tony Baxter The Sincura Group

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This app is the best way to travel, home swapping is the next level again. Love it!

App Store review

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The areas of the app are very well organised, and I’ve been able to join several nearby uni groups!

App Store review

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I’ve used similar apps and always unsubscribed after few months, with this one I feel I will keep going!

App Store review

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Launchbase designed with a creative approach and delivered a beautiful end product.

Joseph Homes

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Tech done right

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Our tech team are experts in Flutter which allows us to ship cross platform products with skill and speed

Front End
  • Flutter
  • Node.js
  • PHP (Laravel)
Web Platform
  • Flutter
  • React
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Product research
  • Product strategy
  • Product maintaining
  • Customer Workshops
  • iOS development
  • Swift


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