Access to the latest news, jobs, offers and benefits for WGC team members

WGC enables employees to download, sign in and gain access to payslips, letters and benefit awareness.


  • B2B
  • Hospitality&Leisure
  • SaaS

WGC understands the importance of their internal culture, service quality and team operations.

John Radford, CEO at Launchbase


Our team developed a 2-month MVP strategy with the client to gain validated learning and develop key goals for product development. We designed, developed and built iOS and Android mobile applications during a 7-week agile sprint process. The product aim was to provide team members with more visibility of their payslips, and access to a range of benefits, news and training opportunities. Our product team worked with the client to define the product’s core features in order to deliver an experience that would improve the way staff were using WGC’s current internal system. Throughout a 3 month agile sprint process, we guided the client through an iterative design and build process – delivering a UX framework, design and prototyping, and app development. The end-to-end process was considered, from onboarding to the way important documents were being housed within the application. A simple dashboard interface enabled employees to view their payslips in one place, keep updated with company news and rewards sections for increased employee awareness.

Tech stack:

  • Kotlin
  • Swift

Project duration 3 months

Iterations 4 weeks


We are proud to have worked with WGC and developed a trusting partnership with the client, guiding them from ideation, development to offering technical advice. Launchbase also took the time to understand their business structure and key issues to deliver a validated tech solution.
Our team kept user experience at the forefront to deliver the client’s business critical goals. After app launch, WGC saw an increase in employee satisfaction, with increased awareness of the benefit scheme engagement. Our strategy was to keep the product scope as lean as possible to allow WGC’s app to scale alongside future plans, thus the ability to introduce future phases.


  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Business Strategy
  • Kit Library

Client partnership1 year

Team Members5,000+

Perks and benefits highlighted20+

Following the launch of the project, we have received 100% positive feedback and seen monthly sign-in rates increase 75%.

Tom Coppin – Digital Director, WGC