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Today is Cyber Monday, the self-styled (or online retail industry styled day) which gets the web community clicking. While not quite the free for all seen in many stores around the world, including the UK, it is nonetheless an impressive feat of sales in the digital realm. Today is the business online shopping day of the year and it is a day which is increasingly seeing the importance of apps for businesses.

Adobe is estimating a whopping $3bn sales on Cyber Monday in the US alone which comfortable outpaces its more traditional rival, Black Friday in terms of money spent and gifts bought. The event was generally supposedly created as a day where office workers heading back to work could still catch deals that they might have missed on Black Friday from the comfort of their computer screen but today Cyber Monday is much bigger, and much more mobile than first envisioned.

In view of the significance of today we will take a bit of a break from tech news and pay homage to apps in a different way by shedding light on some useful ones to help you get the best out of Cyber Monday.





Amazon is pretty much the de facto King of Cyber Monday which massive marketing campaigns backed up by terrific deals. For those of you who cannot get full-screen today the Amazon App offers a pretty good Cyber Monday experience all the same. The app will display deals throughout the day on a countdown as and when they come so you can check in to see when an item you like the look on will be on sale and spring into action via the app when the time comes. You can also follow the fun on Twitter via the #AmazonsBiggestEverDeals hashtag which will display deals as they come throughout the day.

Of course Amazon is not the only retailer offering deals on Cyber Monday and it is certainly not the only retailer which allows you to make purchases via the app. High street stores such as John Lewis and Argos have some great Cyber Monday deals so it may be worthwhile checking in on your favourite retailer’s app in order to see what they have on sale.

Of course, downloading the app of every retailer is somewhat time consuming which is where apps like these come in:

Deal Apps

With so many deals and so little time (some stores have deals which only run at certain times during the day or expire at midnight) you need an app which will collate these deals together enabling you to search for the deals you want to see from your favourite retailers all in one place. For that deal apps like MyVoucherCodes or Vouchercloud which display current retailer deals, including Cyber Monday specific deals come in very handy.

Running out of time? Follow it live…

While Black Friday is often seen as a ‘grab it if you can get it’s kind of shopping experience Cyber Monday is something different and is almost sneaky in the way it operates. Many retailers will have great deals on great items but only at specific times. Amazon, as mentioned, will display those times beforehand, allowing you to jump on the app at a specific time and buy the product you want. Other retailers are known to spring deals on customers throughout the day. Tracking these deals is hard so you need an app that does the job for you. Strangely enough The Telegraph offers great deal coverage throughout the day showing not only that Cyber Monday is big news but how it has come to be something of a nationwide phenomenon. You can track the Telegraph’s live Cyber Monday feed via their app throughout the day.

And phew, we hope those little tidbits of app info help you navigate Cyber Monday as best as you can. Smaller retailers’ as much as larger ones are benefiting from the day and, as we’ve seen, having an app is certainly the way forward to shoppers and retailers to connect on the go.

Happy Cyber Monday Everyone.


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