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The goal for the Valkyrie app was to make the product as streamlined as possible for high net worth individuals.

John Radford, CEO at Launchbase


We worked with Valkyrie on developing a functionally sleek iOS app to improve usability for high networth individuals with a quick turnaround. With a pre-existing concept in mind, we developed and added additional features to maximise the user experience and create a luxurious feel to the UI. With a short timeframe to complete UX/UI, the most important areas to improve were creating an efficient yet simple design so that we could implement a smooth and secure experience for the user. The user can customise the app to suit their needs. We implemented 6 digit pins and the ability to use Face/Touch ID as well as using magic links within the login process for a multi factor authentication to keep the users highly sensitive data secure.

We gave users complete oversight to property controls systems such as the Portunus Key Control & CCTV, allowing users to monitor and adjust entry & access capabilities to offices and properties throughout their ecosystem. Users can track their assets e.g cars, planes, boats, gaining access to information such as speed, fuel, direction & location within real time. The users will receive push notifications if the asset was moved without the user’s knowledge or forced entry into properties. Additional features include allowing users to exchange and transfer money easily within a highly secure and reliable product.

Tech stack:

  • Marvel
  • Sketch

Project duration 6 weeks

Iterations 3


Valkyrie was a highly intensive project with data sensitive specifications, a strict budget and a quick turnaround. The app was designed and prototyped within a 6 week period. During this iterative process, we worked with the client to improve the user experience & design an elegant and luxurious interface for high net worth individuals. Working closely with the client, we were able to quickly identify the pain points and issues with the original design of the application and we prioritised what the most important issues were to ensure that a quick turnaround was possible.
We backed it up with our research and evaluation using our user flows, personas and wireframing to understand what the client wanted. Using this information, we built the full prototype over a 6 week period using constant iterations and internal/external team reviews to make sure our visions were aligned with the client. To ensure quick iterations and turnarounds without compromising on the quality of the end product, we maintained consistent scoping and design processes which allowed us to build a high quality product in a 6 week turnaround.


  • Business Strategy
  • Product Research Documentation
  • Design Assets
  • Clickable Prototype

User sign upsUp by 20%

Customer retentionUp by 30%

Launchbase consistently deliver on time and budget, and I have no hesitation recommending them and have already introduced them to other companies within our group.

Theo Spyrides, Head of Product Development – Quantum Group