Discovering community and environmental activities in your area

A community platform for positive action and empowerment.


  • B2C
  • Mobile app design
  • SaaS
  • Social

They had a brilliant understanding of what I wanted to build and how I wanted it to look and delivered it to a tee.

Tara Ferry, Founder of Blue Sky


We decided to create a feature that enabled users to view activities without logging into the app. We created a discovery page for users to discover activities in their local area. In the second version of the app, users can also create their own activities so other users of the app can participate in local events which enhances the focus of community and positive empowerment in these communities.

Tech stack:

  • Node.js
  • Swift

Project duration 4 months

Iterations 5


We’ve built this project incrementally, adding additional new features over the time. This allowed us to build quickly and launch. Which in return allowed us to get early user feedback. Currently the app serves both those who are looking to be part of a community and getting involved in different activities and events, and those who want to give back by creating the activities.
Having worked with a responsive client who trusted our guidance and expertise we managed to have a smooth development process. Keeping a transparent process and an involved client in different stages of the project allows us to always deliver the project in the agreed budget and times.
Choosing to work agile, allowed the client to control the process, and make changes as we were progressing, helping to build a better product with lower costs.


  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Kit Library

User rating5


Client partnership3 years

This is a really great app with some inventive and interesting activities all over London. The sign-up process is quick and easy, and the app is very simple to use.

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