An innovative fitness tracker

Calibrex monitors workout metrics such as reps, power output, and fatigue, gauging your preparedness, and presenting bespoke suggestions, evaluations, and summaries.
This technology aims to break down the barriers that once made cutting-edge equipment exclusive to the professionals. With Calibrex’s essential performance metrics at their disposal, athletes at all levels can appraise and refine their training regimens, making informed decisions that lead to improved performance.


  • AI
  • Design
  • Health&Fitness
  • Product Strategy
  • UX/UI Design


Calibrex app advanced capabilities track essential performance metrics that benefit athletes of any level by providing personalised recommendations, feedback, and workout summaries that are tailored to their unique training needs. This allows athletes to make well-informed decisions about their workout routines, leading to optimal performance.

Tech stack:

Project duration 6 months

Iterations 3

Since its introduction, Calibrex app has empowered athletes of all skill levels to improve their performance by tracking workout metrics such as reps, power output, and fatigue, providing bespoke suggestions, evaluations, and summaries. With Calibrex app’s personalized approach to training, athletes can optimize their performance by making well-informed decisions about their workouts.


  • UX/UI
  • iOS app
  • Android App

3 month MVP

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