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Has your software development project descended into disarray because no one can agree on what to do next? Are you constantly changing direction and getting off track because the end-user needs keep shifting?

Agile development can help you out of this nightmare. Agile focuses on developing and delivering working software that meets the needs of your client and end-users at every stage of development.

It’s not just a “nice to have” option. Research shows businesses that employ agile practices are more likely to retain existing clients and acquire new ones than those that don’t.

So how does it work? Agile follows four principles:



You already know that efficient project management is essential in software development. You also know that traditional project management approaches aren’t always adaptable or flexible enough to meet emerging demands.

Consequently, agile development has gained popularity among organisations wanting to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

Ten Benefits of Agile Methodology in Software Development


Let’s be honest: In business, no one likes surprises—especially not when they arrive in the form of a missed deadline or an unexpected budget overrun.

The great news is, you can avoid all that—and more—with agile development.

Agile development isn’t simply a method to make sure your project gets done right: it’s a method to make sure your project gets done right, the first time.

How, you ask? For starters, here are ten ways:


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App Developers UK


1. Improved Requirements Management

You don’t want to introduce a product that doesn’t do what your customers need it to do. Why? Because if it doesn’t, it won’t sell—and your business will go under fast. That’s where agile development comes in: It helps you keep an eye on customer feedback and expectations at every stage of development, so you don’t end up with a product that doesn’t do what you need it to.

2. Better Risk Supervision

Every project has risks, but agile development helps you identify them early on in the process and plan accordingly—so you can stay ahead of potential problems and solve them before they blow up into major disasters.

3. Fewer Defects in Production

When you use agile development practices, you’re working in shorter sprints where testing is constantly taking place at every pivotal phase of the development process. Bugs and issues are discovered early and often, so there are far fewer problems to deal with when your product is released to the public.

4. Enhanced Productivity with Faster Time-to-market

Working in shorter sprints means you don’t waste time on components that may not be necessary for the success of your project. You only work on what’s needed at any given moment—and nothing more. It results in faster delivery times and better-performing products overall.

5. Refined Communication

With agile, you don’t just communicate with your coworkers and clients once a week; you share throughout the process, every day. That means everyone is on the same page from start to finish. With a more collaborative approach and smaller teams, agile development means that you can get projects done faster and with fewer snags.

6. Enriched Quality Control and Testing Processes

Instead of waiting until the fruition of the project to test, agile development allows for frequent feedback throughout the process so that you can make sure your product is working and meeting your needs every step of the way.

7. Reduced Documentation Burden

Agile software development reduces time spent on documentation by making it more real-time and less formalized. Combining elements into one document instead of having multiple separate documents makes it easier for everyone involved in a project to understand what’s going on at all times without having to go back through old emails or notes just to find out what happened last week!

8. Prompter Implementation of User Feedback

We want to hear what clients have to say about our work and address their concerns in real-time. Agile development means that user feedback is built into your schedule rather than being an afterthought. And it means that addressing that feedback doesn’t come at the price of missing a deadline or blowing an already-tight budget wide open.

9. More Successful Software Releases and Satisfied Clients

Because agile development incorporates client feedback from day one, any problems with your project can be ironed out early on—which means you’re less likely to end up with a product or service that customers aren’t happy with.

10. Fortified Project Management

Agile development provides clear timelines for your project, so you know exactly when things will happen. It also ensures that accountability is built into every stage of the process, so everyone knows where they stand and exactly what they must do to keep the project running smoothly.

Wondering How to Apply Agile to Your Next Project?

Agile’s impact on software development is undeniable, given how many companies have found success using its advantages.

When you work with Launchbase, you won’t just get a team of agile experts who can develop the software your company needs—you’ll have partners in innovation.

We’ve discussed some of the favourable aspects of using agile in workflows: reduced time-to-market, lowered costs, improved communications, etc. But how does this apply to your next project?

Launchbase: Let’s Build Something Great

When it comes to developing the software applications that power your business, you need a partner who can deliver results. You need a team that understands your challenges and can solve them with inventive solutions.


Launchbase is that partner.

Since our inception, we have helped clients worldwide tackle their toughest challenges by delivering scalable software and agile development services that help them grow.

Our team of developers, designers, and strategists work together to meet your needs and exceed your expectations—bringing an advanced level of expertise and service to every project. From day one, we integrate into your company culture to understand the product and the people behind it, so we can work alongside you towards common goals.

If agile strategies sound like a good fit for your next innovative undertaking, and you want to build something great together, let’s chat!




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