Oct 21 - 2min readWednesday October 15th 2015 – the Day Marty McFly went Back to the Future…By Launchbase

Today is finally here. October 15th 2015 is a day when Marty McFly went Back to the Future in the second installment of the iconic trilogy. And while we have not yet seen hover boards we have seen Segways and we’re pretty close to a driver-less car, so we still can give the BTTF team a big thumbs up on that one.


What kind of digital agency would we be if Back to the Future Day didn’t deserve some space on our blog? Well, we have a fun look at three big ‘predictions’ that appeared in the films that you can actually see today.


1) Flat Screen TVs


Back to the Future 2 Flatscreen


In the film Marty is amazed to see the appearance of giant flat screen tvs and understandably so, we have really only recently see the flat screen appear widely in homes. Before that there were tubes aplenty in TVs whose backs seemed to go on forever. Wall mounted? Don’t even think about it.
There is even a multiscreen feature which is pretty spot on when today’s viewing habits and on demand TV are considered.
2) 3D Films


Back to the Future Jaws 19


Marty is shocked when a giant shark ‘attacks’ him when outside a cinema in one famous scene from the film and while we don’t have Jaws 19 we do have plenty of sequels making the rounds on the cinema screens and 3D and IMAX films often take centre stage on the big screen.


Entertainment then was one prediction that was a fairly accurate reflection not only in terms of the technology that was available but how society would still want its sequels and blockbusters.


3) The Internet of Things

Back to the Future Internet of Things


While one glaring omission from Back to the Future was the Internet (to be fair looking back at films even right through the 1990s few people saw it coming or the impact it would have) however the Internet of Things is well covered. Obviously the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ should be taken with a pinch of salt, after all fax machines were still heavily featured. But thumb print security and Siri-like PDAs and even something resembling an 80s-esque Google Glass featured in the film.


All in all a great many aspects of today’s society were covered – however boards and a flying car being the obvious exception. As app developers we have a chance, quite literally, to write the future every day so, in the great legacy and taking inspiration from films like Back to the Future might not be such a bad idea.


However like good BTTF fans we’ll leave the last words to the Doc…


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