Nov 19 - 4min readGo Native in 2021: Why We Chose Native App Development to Develop Your ProductBy Launchbase

We assume that if you have found yourself here, you have heard about native app development before and are considering it for your product. Our team at Launchbase are here to help you out and answer the question: what are the advantages of native app development?

At Launchbase, we understand that it is no secret that the success of your digital product relies on the user experience. There are various factors that influence the success of your product, from slow-to-load interfaces, over-busy screens to app store ranking. The user experience includes learnability, usability, navigation and overall design of your product. If your product does not offer a strong and seamless digital experience, your user retention will suffer.

A report by Localytics revealed that 21 percent of digital product users abandon an app after only one use if they do not get the experience they expect. So, what can we do as the first step in great UX? Deciding between native vs cross platform products is a good start. One question routinely comes out in today’s modern development landscape and it is related to the types of app development. That question is whether to build a cross platform app or a native app.

First off, what are Native Mobile Apps?

Native mobile app development results in a product that is created and optimised for a specific platform. A native app is an application written in a language specific to the operating systems that it is developed for. As a result, a native digital product benefits from a high-quality performance on the device as it can leverage the operating system’s full capabilities. This approach creates responsive and fast products as they are developed for a specific platform and that they are compiled using a platform’s core programming language and APIs.

For comparison, what is cross-platform app development?

Unlike Native applications, cross-platform apps use an intermediate language that works on different platforms. Typically, a cross platform application will work both on iOS and Android, as these two systems cover the clear majority of the market. At Launchbase, we create digital products through native mobile app development as we have highlighted the main reasons why cross platform development was a route we wouldn’t be going down for our approach.

  1. Programs can be less efficient. This occurs due to lack of hardware power to perform smooth HTML5 animations on low or mid-range devices, redundant processes for the different platforms, or running on operating systems that are more than 3 years old.
  2. The program itself may need to be more generalised and in the process become less sophisticated than it would if it were built for one specific program.
  3. Using advanced features with cross platform development may take more battery power and a lot more resources than with a native application.


Need more convincing?

Advantages of Native Mobile App Development

Safety: Native apps are protected by many different layers of the operating system. This makes your product far more difficult to exploit. Opting for a native app when comparing native vs. cross platform is a great way to ensure that users are getting high-end data protection.

Performance: In the native vs. cross platform debate, performance can be a huge factor. Native apps are smoother, faster, and provide a better user experience. A native product feels as if it is an integrated part of the device because it has access to all software and hardware functionalities of the device or platform on which it is installed. For example, the native digital product can use the GPS, camera, microphone etc. that are already integrated into the device. Native apps can also incorporate standard operating-systems and new, app-defined gestures. It can also use the devices’ notification system and can be used offline. When it comes down to it, native digital products take the cake for seamless integration and performance.

Speed: The devices built-in-features allows native mobile apps to work faster and make it easier to work with.

Scalability: Planning on future expansions to your app? Choosing to go native is the way to go. A native mobile app is quicker to configure as it needs to be compatible with just one platform.

When it comes to the speed of your product, slow is almost as good as a non-functional product. In larger scale apps, the performance of the product is immediately noticeable, however in more basic products it may not stand out but why take the risk?

How can you get the most out of native app development?

Although the initial cost may be higher if you opt for native app development, you’ll end up saving a lot of time and money in the long run. When it comes to the question of building a native application vs cross-platform development, the answer almost always comes down to user experience. Whether pursuing iOS or Android app development, the answer is clear that native is the right route.

Most organisations believe their customer experience is good enough. But when it comes to your company’s app, “good enough” won’t help you break through to the next level.

A frustrated user will stop using your product or switch to a competitor if they feel the experience isn’t at its best. At Launchbase, we are innovators in native app development. We’re amped to support your project with our expertise and share our knowledge on taking the right approach in developing your product.

Feel free to reach out and see how we can help with your native digital product.


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