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Large-scale events in the charity sector is a lot of work. This huge undertaking contains many moving pieces which you need to manage in order to pull off a successful event. It should adequately represents the charity and the important cause that the  charity tasing funds for. One of the key reasons that expectations may be high, is the rise of social media and the impact that your event has to have in order to make a real splash. The events that make a difference, are the ones that are organised optimally which comes with its own challenges. These events promote the establishment of a sense of community which you want to create for your charity.

A successful event should go on long after the attendees have left the building which can be done with a successful engagement and content strategy. With the right tools, you could turn this community into a valuable resource for your charity.

Digital Products To Drive Impact

The way that charities work has changed. The advancement of tech is particularly beneficial to the charity sector, where much of the valuable work is done by volunteers to the charity, part-time staff as well as dedicated employees that have a lot on their plate. Mobile tech is helping with the charity sector to make the most of its work force while at the same time, allowing for the people at the heart of the charity to share information, collaborate and connect in a meaningful way.

The approach to event management should not be any different. Events are a key component of the way the sector works which involves: inspiring action, raising funds and driving engagement. Events should be a time to connect with people away from screens, however this does not mean that you should not seize an opportunity to increase engagement and raise funds for a special cause.

Engagement and Event Management Apps

Engagement and event management apps are an industry that is growing ten fold. There are a wide variety of apps available to charities so charities can become more accessible to potential donators or people that wish to connect with the charity involved. Matching the key functions of what you are looking for in creating your own digital product for your charity and matching it to your specific needs is vital in creating a product that aligns with your charities’ values and needs.


You should ask yourself the question: Is it clear to your attendees when your event will be taking place and what will be involved? It is not unheard of that your event organisers will receive numerous enquiries like, ” I can only make it to the last hour of the event, will this be an issue?”

Dealing with these responses manually would a time-consuming task and time is crucial in planning an event to run smoothly. Having this information curated digitally and organised to be readily available will make it more convenient for everyone.


Any marketing team will tell you that the build-up to any event is crucial. The follow-up to the event is just as significant, as you use the community you have built through the event to ensure that your curated content reaches the right audience. Managing reminders through a digital product both before and after the event to ensure that the engagement with related content remains high throughout the event and post event.

Custom Content/Speaker Information

The speakers at your event is one of your biggest draws, and a successful event marketing plan should tap into the audience at your event. You should be using an event management app to market your custom content. You can make this a collaboration with your speakers or draw it from your speaker’s content library. Hosting this content on an event app creates an incentive to keep engagement up after the event is over. You can build up a library of content related to the event so that you ensure that engagement stays high over a longer period of time.

Volunteer Community/Support

The supporters of your charity share a common interest in your case and want to connect with you and participate, not only with your charity but with one another. A mobile app provides opportunities to mobilise this community – to spread your message, share interests and volunteer. This can help build your event into a valuable long-term resource for your charity. With the right mobile app, it is easy to manage resources, volunteers and build a strong community!




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