Jun 10 - 3min read10 Best WordPress Themes of 2014By Launchbase

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used blog hosting websites and offers tons of attractive, versatile free themes. They have themes to fit the needs of any blog, whether it is a personal blog, a magazine blog, a business blog, or anything else. With great designs readily available, it makes personalized and customized web development easy. This article will list the top ten free WordPress themes available in 2014.

10. Ryu


With a simple but elegant format and large photograph posts, Ryu is a great theme for personal blogs. It is ideal for really showing off great photos, but never neglecting the text to go along with it. The background of each post will even match (automatically!) the first image in the post.

9. Splendio


Splendio is a great design for a business or magazine website, but is versatile and fun enough to use for a personal blog too. Its format is easy to navigate but can really suit a blog that has a lot going on. It can take many elements and make them both exciting and accessible

8. Manifest


Manifest is the ultimate in elegant blog simplicity. It is a basic design that is perfect for articulate expression of ideas, and this makes it a great blog for writers who want to showcase their craft. Pictures, of course, can be inserted in a way that really complements the text and makes them pop against the white background.

7. Limo


Limo is stylish and fun, and a great way to promote a business with an edge. It has a design that is basic enough to be extremely easy to get around, but a definite sophisticated and fun look. One of its standout features is a responsive carousel slider for great browsing.

6. Radiate


With infinite scroll and image gallery options, this is a great design for showcasing photography and images. It also has a trendy parallax header. Whether for a magazine or a personal photo blog, this is a standout design when it comes to image display.

5. Highwind


If there were one word to describe this web development theme, it would be light. Highwind is a classy, clean design that keeps all the focus on your content. Its design is classy and visually appealing, but would never detract from anything you have to say and show.

4. Gridster


Gridster is fun, but tidy too. It organizes your posts into a tight, easy to access grid pattern that is very trendy right now. It’s recommended particularly to those who really want to showcase one main photo for each post, making it ideal for either magazine or personal blogs.

3. MH Magazine lite


This is the lite (and free) version of a fuller paid theme, but the design is definitely top-notch nonetheless. Obviously great for magazines, as the name suggests, it has a convenient sorting layout that lets you categorize stories in a visually appealing way and attach a thumbnail picture to each post.

2. Oxygen


This design just looks like adventure. It’s simple and basic, and will not detract from the actual photos and text being displayed, but provides an exciting feel for a personal blog, or even an edgy business blog.

1. Twenty Fourteen


Sure, it’s the default blog for the year. But you know what? It’s a great layout! It’s stylish and really grabs the reader and pulls them right in. It’s perfect for personal or magazine blogs. The default black background really makes images pop, but is great for longer text too.


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