The Right Fit: Obtaining Your Product-Market Fit (Part 1)

At Launchbase, we have found that understanding a founder’s journey through three specific lenses: Projection, Planning and Proof, can help businesses better evaluate the shaky ground of ‘market problems’ which are available to navigate and disrupt.


There are a few key points to help you successfully plot your course forward if you are a founder or investor trying to launch a product into an uncertain market sector, particularly in these uncertain times where the pandemic continues to be a part of our everyday lives. This is why startup evaluation often revolves around incorporating and using future-facing concepts.

Let’s be real here, for both parties, this often can feel like a ‘finger in the air’ exercise at the best of times. A planning and strategic framework can just be used long enough in order to create and gain enough comfort to cross the line, move forward and pivot as adjustments are needed as events invariably change on the ground.


This new framework is emerging and impacting across all businesses and represents a real competitive opportunity for those startups and businesses that are ready and agile enough to organise and execute in this way.

Which conversation in your inbox represents an ongoing dialogue with someone of influence that if it comes to a head, could add immediate acceleration to your strategy?

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Finally, there are a couple of questions that as a founder, you should be ready for and as an investor, you can ask instead of things that would represent a traditional elevator pitch. Questions that quickly provide and demonstrate proof that a founder’s journey might currently have relevancy, Currency and influence over their market sector.